A tale of myth, mystery…and a past long forgotten…

Something is out there.

And the people live in constant fear.

But their biggest threat lies within their own village. Everyone and everything is dying, slowly and without hope of salvation.

In a world where almost nothing is truth and isolation is the purest form of self-deception, the possibility of hope exists only in the heart and mind of a young woman who chooses to follow an unknown path in order to save everyone she knows and loves. Before long, she discovers that her most vital beliefs are based on a deception that will rock the foundation of her entire people. To save them, she must learn to open her heart and sacrifice…everything.

You may think you have heard this story before, but be warned.

You haven’t.

**This mythic and paranormal fantasy was written for adults but is suitable for readers teen and up.**

The Good: This book is an amazing read. It starts with a girl, a family, and a village. You are deceptively eased into first believing that everything is much plainer and straightforward than it is, then Lisa Green ricochets the reader forwards into an incredible, multi-layered story of surprises. There are two main storylines going on here, but they are tied together so neatly that you find yourself slowing your pace and taking in each chapter, soaking up all the information you think will help explain other parts later on. The characters are real and full of flaws, intricacies and their own agendas. There are several mysteries holding this tale of an ending (of a sort) together, and they are weaved tighter together as the story continues, leaving you guessing all the way to the last few pages. The pace was kept even and tight throughout, and I never found myself hitting the urge to flick through a few pages to the next good bit – it was all good!

The Bad: Absolutely nothing for me! Depending on what kind of books other readers enjoy, the beginning may be a bit slow for some, but I personally like books that take time to lull the reader into a false sense of security before racing the reader along a rollercoaster of a storyline. There were also a few parts where the main character voiced her inner thoughts and it felt a little repetitive, but it didn’t sway my focus on the story at all.

Overall: I thought this was a great first novel from Lisa Green, and I hope we see more from her, soon! The First is an engaging, powerful, intricate web of stories woven skillfully together to make a single great tale. Every character had been fleshed out, every detail thought out carefully; nothing was forgotten. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed The Hunger Games, The Chronicles of Narnia, and loves a bit of fantasy in a fresh universe. I couldn’t give this book less than 5 stars!

Five Star

Get your copy from here!


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