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“Relish this moment in My favor. It is your last.” 

Six angels once sat at the right hand of The Almighty, but an ill-fated decision cast them out of Heaven. Now they serve Him on Earth, slaying demons for their redemption. They are…The Fallen. 

Lucius, once revered at the side of God, fell to Earth with his brothers to pay penance and atone for his lapse in leadership. Wingless and forsaken, they have all paid a price for their complicity. Lucius’ hubris is now a curse, and he cannot rest until they carry out the last of The Almighty’s orders…and stop a war that has been millennia in the making. 

Persephone Roberts is always in the right place at the right time, the serendipity allowing her to help people on her travels. When it leads her to cross paths with the band of hard-living fallen angels, she sets her sights on their leader, and is determined to restore Lucius’ faith in their quest. And in himself. 

But the ancient evil the angels strive to fight has put Persephone in its crosshairs. It will be up to Lucius and his brothers to save her and destroy the minions of the dark. Can the amber-eyed beauty with her accepting heart heal wounds that cut soul deep, and force him to reclaim a glory he once tossed aside? Is he strong enough to realize the path back to Heaven begins with her, or will he be forever…fallen?

Good: This is one of those books that as you’re reading it, you just know it’s going to be a hit, and you want to tell everyone you were one of the first people to get your hands on it. It’s a real urban fantasy, an imaginative working of fallen angels straight in the middle of a sprawling city that is somewhat fallen itself. The characters were my favourite part of this book – the main characters were developed slowly across the book, rather than the reader being info-dumped at the beginning. I know this is a series, so the secondary characters will all have their own time to shine in the next books. Each angel, as well as those who help them, both human and god, has their own distinct personality and wit – of which there is plenty. Along with all of the ‘No, don’t go there!’ moments, there’s plenty of sniggering at the rapport between the brothers. My other favourite part of the book is the way angels, gods, and many other things are explained in a creative and adult way – and although it touches on religion (obviously, it does include angels and gods) at no point does it ‘feel’ like a religious book, keeping the setting non-denominational so that everyone can enjoy it. The storyline rockets you across a few pages, then slows the pace when it wants you to take in more important details, before ricocheting you back into the action, which makes it feel much more natural as you read.

Bad: That the book is shorter than I would like! I was so engrossed in this book the first time I read it, that I got to the end and couldn’t believe it had finished! I’m not saying the story is too short – only that the writers wove the storyline so deftly that the end hits you, and you realise with a sinking heart, you’re going to have to wait for another one.

Overall: This is one of my new favourite series, and I know I’m going to devour every single book that comes along. The characters are dark and witty, the setting is brilliantly claustrophobic in its intensity and fear-creating moments, and the storyline itself is imaginative and a fresh look at a subject that has been done in many different ways. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book to anyone who loved the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and like their urban fantasy dark. A resounding five stars from me!

Five Star

You can grab your copy here!


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