A prince disguises himself to find true love—

Prince Nolan has had enough of Princess Blythe—the woman to whom he has been betrothed since infancy—and her simpering letters. Does the princess truly not have a brain in her head? Never before has he communicated with someone who seemed so childish and spoiled. It was time he met her for himself, to decide if he could actually follow through with this marriage. But to do it right, she must not see how handsome he is. He needs a disguise—something that would show him her true nature.

Nolan asks an old herb woman to transform him into a creature that is disgusting to any female—a frog. The spell will last thirty days unless the princess does the impossible and kisses him. Now the true test begins. Will Blythe prove to be as monstrously annoying as he believes she is, or will he learn to see past his judgments and find a loving princess waiting for him?


I picked up Jenni James’ The Frog Prince out of sheer curiosity. What is a retelling of a Fairy Tale like?
This wasn’t a modern version or even a retelling and reinvention of the characters, it was a filling out and a plumping up, if you like.

To be entirely honest, I put the book down three times before I persevered with it. Why? Americanisms. They grated on my teeth in this sort of story. The character names, the way they speak to each other, the way they behave; it was all so American and grating.
I had a good talk with myself saying, the author is American, what did I expect? LOL 😉

So, I picked it up again and really got into the story. In the end, it was very sweet and holds a few moral lessons for the reader; the greatest being – never judge a book by its cover!

We know the story. We know what happens, but Jenni James tells it in a way that will warm your heart and endear you to her writing style. I feel this book would not be out of place on the shelves of children, teens, and adults alike.
All-in-all, I felt this was a good read. I enjoyed it and look forward to reading more from Jenni James.

You can purchase The Frog Prince HERE.

IMG_20150512_175832bandwReview by Karen Aminadra


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