I loved this story. The characters were vivid and crisp, and Cillian has to be one of my new favourite literary hotties. It gripped me from the first page, launching straight into a dialogue between Cillian and one of the creepiest villains. The story moved with pace, but no detail was left out, and there was clearly a lot of research put into it. This was such an original storyline, and a cool idea.

The descriptions were well-crafted, and the story flowed well, even though it flitted back and forth between real life, and the dream world. At some points, you began to wonder yourself just like Everly, and were not sure which was which! There were a few parts that made you jump with shock, and there is one scene towards the end that is drenched in drama. And then-the end! That was so powerful it was fantastic. Not to mention the sex scene was HAWT.

This book is perfect for a quick read that is full of drama, horror, and sexiness, all drenched with an unusual twist on the paranormal, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great read.

Grab your copy here! (Plus there’s an audiobook!)

Five Star



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