Review of Welcome To The Family – A Fresh Take On Vampires

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The Good: The story is original and fresh in the tired world of vampires. The main character, unlike the usual sort, doesn’t start off as the ass-kicking, strong, smart-quip heroine you might expect….she’s more human than that. She’s vulnerable, she makes bad decisions, and she’s easily swayed – to start with. But as the story develops, Angela ‘wises up’ and starts to truly stand on her own two feet. It’s subtle, but it’s a change that’s definitely marked by the last page. I was engrossed by the many backstories of even the minor characters (but not so many that you feel it’s bogged down), as it definitely adds to the build-up of this strange midnight society.The romance in this book also isn’t your usual romance – it’s honest. Without giving anything away, Angela does what we all do at one point; thinks she’s fallen in love with someone who, really…she just wants to jump in bed with. I don’t see a problem with this, it’s just another reason that the book stays grounded firmly in what might really happen in real life.

The Bad: I felt there was a little more telling than showing, BUT….I would expect this from any writer’s first book, and it didn’t put me off enough to stop reading, because you can just tell that Caroline Levy’s third or fourth, or fifth book will just excel beyond this, and the storytelling voice will only grow stronger. There were some characters it might have been nice to see more fleshed out, but that’s my personal preference as I’m nosy and want to know about ALL of them! And I know there’s another book coming, so hopefully some of my questions are answered there.

Overall: I did love this book. Yes, it’s the author’s first book, and so we know it’s never going to be as good as her third, or many more, but already it’s a compelling, honest, vivid story – and that’s what I look for in a book. The main thing; did I enjoy it? A resounding yes. The main character is one of those who starts off almost unlikeable, but she grows in quiet strength throughout the book, and she’s a character where we can recognise so many flaws in ourselves. I would recommend this book to readers who liked Twilight, and enjoy a vivid telling of a story, and the heroine who changes just like we would.

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Five Star