Review of The First Night – A Wild, Romantic Surprise


The Good: While I’m normally a little nervous of contemporary romances because it’s not my preferred genre, this book set all my nervousness aside. This isn’t a book full of stereotypes and the traditional ‘wispy woman must be saved by hunky man’. This book is full of flawed, well-rounded, strong characters who are their own people first, and a couple second – which only makes the ensuing romance that bit more delicious. It drives the storyline until the last page, which is full of engaging dialogue, twisting twists and don’t-touch-me-it’s-too-hot sex scenes. Also, um….PANCAKES. Yeah, you’ll want some pancakes after reading this. I’m just saying.

The Bad: For me, it was that the book was a little short; but that’s a personal opinion. I prefer a longer book that can go deeper into the characters and storyline, but I certainly wouldn’t hold this against the story. Also, as this is the first in a series, it may be that the storyline delves deeper in later novels. While I thought the dialogue was engaging, I also found a few parts a little less polished than other parts. I thought for some of these they could perhaps have been drawn out a bit more, but it doesn’t stilt the story.

Overall: This is a fast, engaging, romantic read that I would recommend to anyone who like sassy, strong heroines, heroes who are genuine gentlemen, and a fun, wild ride. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I’m glad Sidda Lee Tate has changed my mind on the idea of what a contemporary romance can be. I give this book 4.5 out of 5!

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Four Star